I used to keep the majority of my entries open. Unfortunately, there are people who enjoy creating drama here, so I've had to lock everything up. This makes me sad.

We'll have to make a contract from now on if you want to read my crap. The contract is simple. Don't create drama. Don't pass what I write out to people who aren't on my list. Treat me exactly as you wish to be treated.

Feel free to disagree with me. Feel free to argue with me. Call me a jerk. I'm a big boy now, I can take it. Just don't go and post about it in your own journal and filter me out of it. That is not how friends treat each other. That is what led to me locking this up.

What you'll get in return: Unconditional love, and my total and complete respect for anything and everything you write in your journal. This is a promise that I will never break.

If you want to be added, drop me a reply here and we'll talk it over.

Oh, What?

Dirty Old Town. You know that's the next thing I'm going to write about, right? Anna wasn't born in Tijuana because I was lazy. Nevermind that I'm lazy and in Tijuana. This is her legacy. Next, on the gringo channel ;)

(Oh I met my gal... near the gas works wall...)

See you VERY soon :)