Plato's illegitimate bastard son's 9th cousin (gringo_in_tj) wrote,
Plato's illegitimate bastard son's 9th cousin


Another reason to avoid Facebook...

fail owned pwned pictures
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oh, wow, i couldn't imagine writing something like that in the first place unless i was being completely mocking and insincere.

it's one of the things i dislike most about facebook too, though :/
I had to laugh. I would rather not open myself up to people I knew thirty years ago, much less risk what poor Tracy had to endure. I mean, I'm pretty much an open book here, but a lot changes in thirty years. People from back then are curious about me, I know. But I dropped off of the map on purpose. I don't want a thirty year mortgage, I'm happy to be bilingual, and I would be miserable living over there.

I just want to be happy and raise my kids to be happy. But poor Tracy!
one would hope you wouldn't be thanking a man for being mounting by such a strong, powerful man ;)
I don't even want to know what that means ;)

It's like, "Take me, Spartan warrior! Mount me, you strong and powerful gladiator!"

Don't people have fun in the sack anymore? You would think that poor Tracy would have been happy to say, "Hey, Mike, I had a great time the other night! Let's do that again soon!"

But no, There's mounting, and strong and powerful stuff going on. Sounds like a lot of pressure to me ;)


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FWIW, her account was compromised (by 4chan of course) and that update is fake. It happened to several other facebook users as well. Which doesn't make it particularly less funny!

That said, I'm on facebook - and I update there more frequently, but they are small tiny updates, and this is a recent change. I vastly prefer lj, but it feels as though everyone has left it, and that keeping in touch with people (my friends are spread ridiculously far and wide) now requires the use of facebook. I think this sucks. I am also looking into yet again setting up a wordpress blog on one of the way too many domains I own. We'll see.

Poor Tracy.


September 11 2009, 09:14:55 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  September 11 2009, 09:19:39 UTC

It occurred to me that the screenshot could have undergone much Photoshopping, but since I am intimately unfamiliar with Facebook, I wouldn't know any better. There is no doubt, though, that this sort of thing has happened before.

I have been on LJ pretty much since the beginning, so I'll keep this. I mirror most entries to a blogspot account so my parents, who stress over the fact that I never email them, can keep up with my shenanigans here in Mexico. I have a twitter account, but only because publishers demand that sort of thing (me, in 140 characters or less? Please.).

I'll have to get a Facebook account when I get a book deal. I loathe it. The people I left behind thirty years ago deserve to be left behind, for the most part. The one's I still care to communicate with enjoy giving my email address out to anyone and everyone who asks for it. I never know what to say to them.

"Hey, there, Carl, hope the acne cleared up."

Or maybe, "Hello, Theresa, I used to fantasize about your large breasts!"

I mean, really, what do you say to people you never really knew? And then come the questions about Mexico, and it gets complicated. Some people have the skills to juggle all of it, I don't have the skill nor the patience, I guess. I really hope that they all have swell lives, but I am guessing that there isn't enough money between all of them to buy enough insight to understand why I find this place so appealing. The people I have met online in the past ten years, oddly enough, seem to get it. It encourages me as a human being.

I don't want to go back to what was. I want to do something completely different, and I want to do something else completely different after that. You know?


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I totally LUV Facebook but that's because I'm so bad at keeping up w/friends. I don't let people I know read LJ. Well -- I mean I couldn't stop them from reading it if they wanted to I suppose but keeping a journal has always been my secret vice even before I kept one online and most of the people I interact with in what (always laughingly) can be called "real life" don't know I keep one.

FB is for friends; LJ is for messages in bottles.
Some of my angst will go away after the impending 30 year high school class reunion that I will be sure not to attend. I didn't enjoy high school. I know I'll have to get a Facebook, but I'm putting it off for as long as I can. It works great for some people, maybe not so great for others.

Deleted comment

It's a similar thing with twitter - except they are only permitted a maximum of 140 characters to embarrass themselves.
i've been having these ISSUES with facebook lately. so much so that i had to delete half the people on LJ and facebook out of desperation to get my life back.

i was curious about people i knew ten years ago, but then it got so out of ocntrol that i felt like i was being overwhelmed with a look into person's life who i didn't even know, not to mention the invasion i felt by people i hardly knew having a glimpse at my life.

That's what I'll want to avoid when I eventually will have to get one, but it won't be easy. I'm going to try and keep it as simple as I can.

hahaha still awesome though.

I was wondering why you had decided on going on twitter (i read the reply above) :) It surprised me, but I get it now.

Like someone else mentioned above, I keep my "real" life out of LJ (except for my bf, since this is where we met). But pretty much everyone I know, have known, or will know (haha) is on FB. I like it for what it is, but some people do get fanatical with who adds whom, and why hasn't s/he added me back etc And oh the apps are stupid (though I do like some of the celebrity "frases del dia" that they've come up with).
Yep, it was a hack job.

Lot's of people enjoy Facebook, but I know what's coming for me when I get one. I dread it.

There is some funny stuff on Twitter. "Shitmydadsays" never fails to crack me up.


8 years ago

David I will be going by the Dandy before the grito (the shout itself is at ten pm) and will be in Dandy at five or six oclock then go to the palace gardens around seven or eight or nine
My wife convinced me to try it out. Lost of folks fond me and it wasn't as bad as I thought.
That being said, I've nothing to talk to them about.